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Let’s Get Personal … Getting Back to the Basics

When it comes to membership, sometimes it seems that all anyone cares about are “the numbers” rather than the quality of membership programming and membership recruitment.

If we want to reach 100% of our potential membership, USY must change its approach of how we get members. Specifically, you must personally connect with potential members and realize the importance of truly getting to know them.

The second part of this new approach is changing the focus of recruitment towards the chapter, rather than the sole responsibility of the Membership Vice-President.

  • Why do you want more members?
  • What can you do to get someone to join USY?

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“But What Do I Say When?” – The Finer Points of Recruitment

In all the older versions of “how to get members”, you were given examples of dialogues – what exactly to say to a member to get them involved in USY.

While some of the older information is useful, the new approach of giving new members one-on-one attention means that you talk about whatever interests you and the target member! People will want to join USY if USY means the new member will be spending his/her time wisely – being around cool people like you and doing things he/she wants to do!

There are many common misconceptions about USY. Although it is likely that these “accusations” are totally false, the impression does lie in the mind of the potential member. In order to fight these stereotypes of USY, you need to change their impression of USY into a positive one! This is a compilation of those misconceptions and what your immediate response might be.

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