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Why USY?

How can USY benefit your teen?

USY provides a safe, supportive space for teens to:

  • Step away from social and academic pressures of high school
  • Find a sense of belonging in a warm, inclusive community
  • Meet new friends and form lasting bonds through shared experiences
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills
  • Explore and grow into their personal and Jewish identities
  • Experience an authentic and dynamic Judaism
  • Participate in fun and enriching Jewish programming
  • Discover the joy of Judaism and love for Israel
  • Expand their horizons through immersive travel
  • Engage in hands-on learning
  • Give back to their local communities and beyond
  • Gain social action skills needed to make positive change in the world
Register you teen for USY through your local synagogue or chapter.

Have questions about USY membership? Email [email protected].

Teen Testimonials

“When you walk into a room of USYers you immediately surrounded by the friendliest group of teenagers you will ever meet. USY is entirely made up of people who are kind, passionate, and accepting. This wonderful community has allowed me to discover what I care about and how I can share it with others.”

– Miriam; Detroit, MI (CRUSY)

 Building Lasting Connections

“USY and has helped me become confident in myself to stand out as a leader among my friends. It guided me along the way, helping me gain self-confidence and teaching me that being yourself and stepping out of your shell isn’t something to be scared of.”

– Noah; Richmond, ON (ECRUSY)

 Building Lasting Connections

“Not only has USY introduced me to most of my closest friends, it has also strengthened my connection to Judaism through visiting the Kotel on USY Israel Pilgrimage to practicing tikkun olam at International Convention. I’m the Jew and the person I am today because of my four years of USY.”

– Adam; Vancouver, BC (Pinwheel)

 Building Lasting Cnnections

“It was not until I joined USY that I understood the meaning behind prayer: When everyone dances around for a Kabbalat Shabbat service, or sings a song when washing their hands before Hamotzi…these USY traditions are what make prayer something I now willingly participate in not just because, but rather because I find it meaningful and impactful.”

– Dalia; San Jose, CA (New Frontier)

 Building Lasting Cnnections
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