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Teen Leadership

We help foster the next generation of passionate, committed Jewish leaders. Whether you are a leader with or without an official title, your passion and commitment is what drives USY.

Meet the International Executive Board

Dear USY, 

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Noa Kligfeld, and I am honored to serve as your 2019 International President. I hope to use my term to spread inspiration and meaning-making, as well as support chapters and regional officers. I want to nurture the goals, ideas, and passion of the IEB, and to meet as many USYers as I can along my journey.

While I was born in the Emek Division of METNY, I’m now a proud member of Temple Beth Am Los Angeles (#BetterBethAm) in the fantabulous Far West region. I went to my first regional event alone and nervous, but Far West welcomed me with open arms. The warmth, acceptance, and openness of the incredible people who helped me to find a home in USY have inspired me to bring that experience to others—and to help all USY leaders, on every level, learn how to do the same.

Some fun facts: I’m a proudly terrible dancer, a picky eater, a math nerd, and a lover of all things theater. When I’m not working on USY, singing in my school choir, debating for the Model Congress team, or coding for robotics. You can find me curled up in a cozy chair, reading and drinking tea.

I believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. I believe that every voice deserves to be heard. And I promise to listen. Please reach out to me—I’m always accessible at [email protected]. I can’t wait to meet you.

USY— thank you for this opportunity.

All my love,

Noa Yarden Dorff Kligfeld

USY 2019 International President

Shalom, USY!

My name is Samantha Brody and I am isRAELI excited to serve as your 2019 Israel Affairs Vice President!

I am currently a senior and a proud member of Beth Judea USY (BJUSY) in the mighty region of CHUSY. In my free time, you can find me snacking on Israeli salad, working on a creative writing piece, or spending time with my friends at a local Starbucks. My favorite music genre is Israeli pop, particularly songs by Eliad and Omer Adam (I have playlists on Spotify, go check them out!). I also love to proofread essays and papers for friends: I’m a self-proclaimed comma enthusiast!

This year, I am looking forward to sharing Israel with all of you through different approaches. By connecting to Israel and learning about Israel in our own ways, it is my hope that every USYer will be able to take what Israel means to them and bring that into the world outside of USY.

This year in Israel Affairs is about finding our own Israel. I encourage each of you to think big, because, as Theodor Herzl once said, “if you will it, it is no dream.” I cannot wait to have EILAT of fun this year with all of you!

באהבה (With Love),

Samantha Brody

Shalom USY!

I’m Shoshana Scheinberg, and I am super-duper excited to serve as your 2019 Religion/Education Vice President! USY has been an place in which I have been able to explore and establish myself as a Conservative Jew, and I can’t wait for an incRE(L/E)Dible year of sharing my love for Judaism with you all!

I live in Hoboken, NJ, the coolest city in the world (#HOBUSY), and I go to the Abraham Joshua Heschel School. My two favorite things to talk about are my pride for Hoboken USY and Heschel (the rabbi, school, and USY club).

Outside of USY, you can find me drinking an INSANE amount of iced coffee, watching Netflix, telling stories about my amazing time on USY Pilgrimage this past summer (#KosherGFries!!), or playing sports. I play basketball, volleyball, and yeshiva league floor hockey. I am a self-taught calligraphist and love rocking the funky socks.


Since my freshman year of high school, I have been attracted to the religious part of USY. I believe everybody connects to Judaism in a unique and personal way, and I want to help you all create and maintain those connections this year.

Why not seize the opportunity to throw another Rel/Ed pun in here:

I am REL/EDy for an amazing year with all of you,

Shoshana Scheinberg

Hi! My name is Zach Greenwald and I am USY’s International Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President.

I am from the region that started it all, EMZTA – more specifically I’m from Adath Jeshurun USY in the polar vortex of Minneapolis. I went on Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage (I love my #KosherGFries) and am more than happy to talk about #MyUSYSummer.

When I’m not USYing you’ll find me dancing. I perform pom and hip-hop with my high school’s performance team, manage my school’s competition team, and work on lyrical, jazz, and contemporary in the studio.

Fun facts about me:

After I get home from school, I drink a FULL glass of milk.

All of my friends’ moms love me.

Half of my family is Italian, the other half is Lithuanian.

Pom is my favorite style of dance.

This year my vision is to give USYers the passion and education regarding SA/TO. Then, give them the tools to engage in whatever kind of Social Action or Tikun Olam they are interested in. It’s important to me that USY caters to USYers, and allows them to create their own action as they see fit. If you have ideas, suggestions, or just wanna talk about some awesome SA/TO stuff, I’d love to chat!

I’m excited for an amazing year with USY!

B’Ahava V’Shalom,

Zach “Greenie” Greenwald

What’s up USY?

My name is Caleb Posner and I am beyond excited to serve as your 2019 International Membership/Kadima Vice President.

I am a proud member of the super chill Far West Region, from the amazing chapter Congregation Beth El La Jolla, and am currently a senior.  Besides USY, you can find me watching and talking about sports (check out my podcast Sports Nerds in the Morning), writing for my school’s magazine, raving about how amazing San Diego is (It is called “America’s Finest City” for a reason), or jamming out to rap music.  If you ever need a good playlist or want to engage in (civil) discussions about sports hit me up.

I fell in love with USY at my first kinnus in 7th grade.  From that moment, I knew this was a special kehilah and I wanted as many people as possible to have the same opportunities I was so lucky to have. This year, I am looking forward to helping every USYer find connections to USY and each other. Together, we will create the most welcoming, fun, engaging, and empowering USY possible.  


Caleb Rex Muller Posner

Hey USY!

My name is Zack Wolfman and I am your 2019 International Communications Vice President! I am currently a senior and a member of South Huntington USY (SHUSY) in the amazing METNY region. In school, I’m a part of FBLA, DECA, and Business Honor Society. For the past 4 years, USY has been a place where I can constantly go and know I will have a good time. I’m excited to share my passion for the Communications position and USY with all of you throughout this year!

In my free time, you can catch me napping, hanging out with my friends, and playing with my dog (even though I’m allergic to her). I also love to make bird houses and ice cream sundaes.

This upcoming year I want to help connect USYers both during events and in between them. I also want to give USYers the access to any resource they need to be a leader. I want to show that the Communications position is more than meets the eye.

Thank you again USY for this incredible opportunity and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

-Zack Wolfman

Meet the International General Board

International Convention Co-Chairs

Hello! I am Josh Crowley from Nashville, Tennessee which is in the best darned region in the USA (and Canada eh). I am super excited to be one of the co-chairs for IC SoCal! It is going to be an absolutely amazing convention and I can’t wait to see everyone! I am currently serving as Ein Gedi Sub-Regional Vice President and will be attending the University of Tennessee in the Fall.

Shalom! I’m Sophia Sloves I’m from Mizrach, and I’m so excited to be serving as your 2019 International Convention Co-Chair! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to create the best IC ever! USY has always been my community, giving me a space not only to express my Jewish identity, but to become a leader. USY has always been something I look forward to. My favorite activities include eating mac and cheese and davening, and I can’t wait to meet all of you at IC!

Development Chairpeople 

Hey hey USY!

I’m Ben Kane and I’m ecstatic to serve as a Development Chairperson for the 2019 year! I love to play ultimate frisbee and bass guitar. I have a huge passion for teamwork and problem solving, and I’m looking forward to an incredibly productive and beneficial term. Reach out to me whenever if you have questions, specifically about chapter development and how the Development Chairs can be used as a resource. 

Hi! I’m Miranda Price, and I proudly hail from the Emek Division of METNY and the one and only Orangetown Jewish Center! I play volleyball, I’m an avid Houseparty user, and I love Frappuccinos, grammar, speaking Spanish, USY on Wheels, and people! I’ve been a general board member and event co-chair both divisionally and regionally, but serving as a chapter president has been one of my favorite jobs and made me realize my desire to work toward strengthening the chapter level of USY. As a Development Chair, I look forward to helping our chapters reach their fullest potentials!

Kol D’mama Chairpeople

Shalom USY! My name is Ethan Rogers and I am a junior from Midway USY in METNY! I am currently Ruach Divisional Rel/Ed VP and am so excited to serve as one of the Kol D’mama Chairs on Presidential IGB! This year on IGB, I will provide a wide variety of leadership opportunities to USYers around North America, so everyone can use their voice in planning new initiatives. Outside of USY, you can find me eating Marzipan rugelach, editing my school’s news blog, collecting fun pins, participating in interfaith programming, and hanging out with friends and making new ones. I’m so excited for an amazing year!

¡Hola USY! My name is Sarah Hasson and I’m a sophomore from the mighty Seaboard Region! In USY, you’ll catch me writing Flush Notes and Splash Notes (Seaboard’s bathroom and Water fountain newspapers), playing jungle speed, and getting overly invested in sloach. Outside of USY, you’ll find me doing tech theatre, talking about Ramah Palmer, and eating too much dairy-free cheese. I am so excited to be one of your Kol D’mama Chairs to help every USYer feel not just welcome in our community, but loved and appreciated as well!

Israel Affairs Committee

Hey there, USY! I’m Abi Cohen, a sophomore from Hagalil. I’m currently my chapter’s Israel Affairs VP and serving on my regional Israel Affairs general board. When I’m not at a USY event or coming up with creative Israel programming, I’m probably at a kosher supermarket, reading, making Spotify playlists (with plenty of Israeli music, of course!), or rewatching The Office. This year, I hope to present new, engaging aspects of Israel in a relatable and personal way to USYers.

Hi! My name’s Morgan Isbitts and I’m from HaNegev. You can usually find me Israeli dancing or eating pretzels and hummus. I like to play piano and ukulele for my friends as well as write! I hope to one day become a professional journalist. My goal on Israel Affairs IGB is to get USYers to take inspiration from each other on educating themselves on Israeli history and current events and to allow USYers to reach their full potential as Israel advocates. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Hello USY!! My name is Sam Gilman and I am a junior from METNY. I am so excited to be on the Israel Affairs Committee! This past summer I went on EEIP Departure #1 and I currently attend Schechter Westchester! I love Israeli music and some good shawarma. When I am not at a USY event, I am usually listening to my favorite song, Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit. I can’t wait for an amazing year serving all of USY!!!

Summer Experience Outreach Chairpeople

Hi! My name is Lauren Krasilovsky, and I hail from the fantastic Far West region. I’m so excited and honored to be serving as a Summer Experience Outreach Chair. Traveling with USY across the world were life-changing adventures, full of incredible friendships, delicious food (#TeamShawarma), and endless memories. I can’t wait to help USYers create their own unforgettable experiences on their summer journeys!

Outside of USY, I can be found playing tennis, listening to Israeli music, watching comedy and cooking TV shows, and relaxing on the sunny SoCal beaches!

Hey USY!! My name is Aleeza Hulnick and I am a junior from the mighty mighty Seaboard region. I am so excited to be serving on this years IGB as your Summer Experiences Outreach Chair. This past summer I had the incredible privilege of participating on USY Eastern Europe/ Israel Pilgrimage 2018. Going on this amazing experience made me want to spread the insane amount of love I have for USY Summer Experiences. You can usually find me drinking out of my sticker covered Hydro Flask and talking about my love for USY and Israel.

Shalom USY! My name is Ben Miller and I am super excited to be one of your Summer Experience Outreach Chairs for the 2019 year. I am a junior from Mizrach, and I traveled on Bus B (Wheels Classic) 2017 and G4 (EEIP First Departure) 2018. Outside of USY, I enjoy playing squash (the sport, not the vegetable), playing piano, singing, and acting. I am also a huge fan of all Philly sports teams (Fly Eagles Fly!). I can’t wait to bring my passion for USY Summer Experiences to an international level this year!

NOAM Olami Partnership Coordinator

Shalom! I’m Becca Raush and I’m from the tiny but mighty Mizrach. I’m so honored and excited to serve as your Noam Olami Partnership Coordinator so that we can learn about our fellow Masorti Jews all around the world. Also, I love USY so much and I cannot wait to share that love with the rest of the world. When I’m not doing USY (which is never) you can catch me listening to Israeli music and FaceTiming friends instead of studying. I’m so psyched for a great year and to meet so many new people

Religion/Education Committee

Hey USY! My name is Stephen Bartell and I am a junior in the mighty METNY region. In addition to Rel/Ed IGB, I proudly serve as Emek Divisional Rel/Ed VP. Outside of USY, I love watching movies, playing the flute, and listening to Eurovision jams. I can’t wait for an incredible year of helping USYers form meaningful, relevant connections with their Judaism.

Hi USY, I’m Eitan Weinstein. I’m a junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the great region of Emtza. This year, I’ve had the unbelievable experience of serving Emtza on regional board as Rel/Ed VP. I’m thrilled for this opportunity to continue fostering enriching Jewish experiences that ignite each of our passions for Judaism. USY is a special, unparalleled organization that gives us all so many amazing opportunities for growth as leaders and Jews, which is why, as a part of the Rel/Ed committee, I hope to build on everyone’s individual connections to our religion to catalyze that growth.

Hey USY! My name is Lily Selznick and I’m from the most fabulous,fantastic,far out region—Far West, from the city that has a terrific miniature museum-Tucson, Arizona! I am an avid coffee drinker and Gilmore Girls fanatic (it’s a lifestyle). I’m also obsessed with classical music and have been playing violin for a majority of my time on earth. I’m so beyond excited to be on Rel/Ed General Committee and I cannot wait for a Rel/Ediculously amazing year.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society Chairperson

Hi all! My name is Avi Chesler and I am ecstatic to serve as the Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society Chairperson. After being an active member in USY for the past four years, I am so happy to have this opportunity to give back! I am from the mighty METNY region where I serve on Rel/Ed RGB and DGB, helping to further my fellow USYers’ connections to Judaism. I love discussing Judaism, and I can not wait to create forums for other USYers to discuss the intricacies of our religion. Here’s to a great year!

Social Action/Tikun Olam Committee

Hey USY! I’m Michael Pincus, I bloom from the home of the camels, HaNegev, and I’m on the SA/TO International General Board this year. I’m a journalist, activist, environmentalist, Charli XCX stan and fashion king — but above all, I love USY! I enjoy writing poetry, rewatching Glee or Queer Eye (and crying) and standing up for what I believe in. I can’t wait to ‘boom clap’ my way into this amazing year, and you can always count on me if you need anything. As Cardi B once said, “okurrr.” So bring it on, 2019, and don’t forget to recycle.

Hi! I’m Sarah Zipkowitz. I’m a junior from the Mighty METNY region, specifically the stupendous Sababa Division. I am beyond excited to serve under the Social Action/Tikun Olam committee on this years IGB. On the off chance that I’m not doing something USY related, I am usually watching Greys Anatomy, playing volleyball, eating, or attempting to bake, but when in doubt I’m eating. I can’t wait for what the next year brings.

Hello there USY!! My name is Nava Wolfish and I’m super hyped to be working on IGB as the allocations chair for the SA/TO committee. I come from ECRUSY, more specifically Ottawa (the capital of the great white north). As I like to say, I put the I in IGB by living in the coldest capital city in the world. When I’m not doing USY related activities, I enjoy all things nerd including musicals, math, science, and extensive Harry Potter trivia. I can’t wait to work with all of my SA/TO’s towards creating a meaningful allocations experience!

Hi! My name is Max Walker. I am both honored and excited to serve on the Social Action/Tikun Olam committee of the 2019 International General Board. I hail from the great EMTZA Region, and live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Throughout my years in USY, I’ve seen first hand the impact this organization can have when we dedicate ourselves to the larger cause of Tikun Olam. With this inspiration in mind, I can’t wait to help lead our pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

Membership/Kadima Committee

What up USY, it’s your boy Ethan Gross. I’m so excited to serve on the most stacked IGB ever, Mem/Kad IGB. I come from the great region of Hanefesh, the soul of USY, and I live in Westport Connecticut. I love music, sports, and you can catch me on air Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 ET on WWPT 90.3 fm.  I’m so excited to work with people across the country, and my Canadians up North, to improve USY the best I can this year.

My name is Yehudah Browne and I am a sophomore from the great, amazing METNY region. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, and eating ice cream. I am currently the Mem/Kad VP for the Ruach division. I am super pumped to be on the Mem/Kad committee!

Hi! My name’s Jacob Kline and I’m so excited to be on Membership/Kadima Committee! I’m from CHUSY Region and am the Executive Vice President of the SHMUSY Chapter!!! I love being a Mem/Kad because I can say things like “If I were a kitchen utensil, I’d be a spork” and it’s not weird! Maybe it is weird, but that’s just who I am!  I love to make new friends and really enjoy USY Conventions. I’m really interested in computer science and software engineering, and would love to talk to you about it!

USYer Connection Chairpeople

Hey USY!! I’m Austin Kaufman, I like churros and long walks on the beach, and I’m a junior from the one and only Far West Region!!! You may recognize me from the IC Convention floor or the many covers of Time Magazine I have appeared on over the years, but let’s be real, it’s probably from @dailydose_comedy. On top of USY and comedy, I love making new friends; message me whenever! I’m stoked to be one of your USYer Connection Chairs this year, so get hyped because this year is going to be  *Tony the Tiger voice* GRRRRRRRREAT!!

Hey USY! My name is Sam Bloch, and I’m a junior from Temple Emanu-El in Providence, RI, in the amazing New England Region (soon to be HaNer.) When I’m not doing something USY related, you can find me either participating in or watching a sport (specifically baseball) or cooking up a nice kosher meal. I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to spend an amazing year connecting as many USYers from across the continent as I can as one of your USY Connection Chairs!

Achshav Blog Coordinators

Hi USY! I’m Reena Bromberg Gaber, a junior from the mightiest, best region in USY, Mizrach. I live in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and am super pumped to be going on Eastern European Israel Pilgrimage Second Departure this summer! When I’m not going to USY-related events or doing homework, I am probably jamming to some Disney and Israeli music. I’m super excited to serve as one of the Achshav Blog Coordinators this year! I’m excited to keep everyone updated on all things USY, and I hope you are as excited to read as we are to make it!

Hi! My name is Jacob Ellenbogen, and I hail from Motor City USY in the great state of Michigan, as well as the bigg-, well not biggest, but craziest region, CRUSY! I’m so excited to be on the Achshav team this year, I can’t wait to share with everyone the cool things the blog has in store! When I’m not doing USY stuff, you can find me thinking of ways not to do my homework, or at the ice rink playing hockey. Final thing, if you ever see me at a convention please say hi! I love making new friends!

Alumni Outreach and Engagement Committee

Hi USY! It’s Emma Grungold here and I’m back again for another year as Alumni Outreach and Engagement Chair! I am a junior from Plantation, FL making me part of the BEST damn region in the USA and Canada, HaNegev. When I am not at a convention or a weekly program with my BAUSY Bees, you can probably find me binge watching a series on Netflix, trying new acai bowls with friends, or taking a nice nap! I can’t wait to spend this year building strong connections with Alumni and USYers everywhere!

Hey everyone! I’m Demi Fine and I’m a junior from the OG region that started it all, EMTZA (shoutout to my BAUSY bananas)! I am so super excited to be working on the Alumni IGB to create a better connection with our alumni for the second year in a row. When I’m not working on USY or traveling to conventions, I love making spoonerisms (ex: Femi Dine) or busting a move in the dance studio. I can’t wait for an absolutely amazing year serving all of USY and all of the Alumni as well!

Communications Committee

What’s poppin’, USY?? I’m Maddy Pollack from the Super Seaboard region’s best chapter, B’nai Israel USY, and I will graduate in 2021. I’m so PUMPED to be on the Comm Comm this year. Get ready to see lots of amazing things from your IGB!

I spend most of my free time doing one of two things: video chatting for hours with USY friends or taking my daily Shabbos nap. I love looking at memes and cute dogs and country music is my JAM!


Hey everyone! I’m Benji Levine and I’m a junior from Far West USY. I’m so excited to be on the 2019 USY Communications Committee! I currently serve as Far West’s Regional Communications VP, and before that I was Chapter Comm VP and served on Comm RGB. I love photography and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me at a USY event running around with my camera (unless it’s Shabbos of course)! I can’t wait for what this year holds and can’t wait to help keeping USYers connected on a new level!


Hey USY, it’s ya boy Evan Siegel here reporting from the best region out there Hanefesh. I’m a Junior at Staples High School in Westport Connecticut and I love sports, theatre, and a ton of other things. This year I can’t wait to create and learn more on the Communications International Board! If you ever have any questions or need a friend feel free to reach out I love (comm)unicating with people!


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