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Senior Director, Teen EngagementDana Prottas
USCJ Chief Operating OfficerLeslie Lichter
USY/Kadima Continental Engagement SupervisorMaury Jacobs
USY/Kadima Continental Engagement SupervisorJulie Marder
Teen Education and Leadership Outreach ManagerAbby Kerbel
Director, Teen Travel and ProgramsMichelle Rich
USY Project CoordinatorTomer Langer
USY Program CoordinatorElyssa Ronik
Marketing Communications CoordinatorElyssa Diamond
Marketing Communications ManagerElana Betaharon
USY Systems Manager/International Convention DirectorAviva Tilles
Central Shaliach Guy Shahar
Director, USY Israel ProgramsDavid Keren
Director, NativYossi Garr
Assistant Director of Admissions, NativMissy Mandell

Central District (I)

The Central District I includes the greater Chicago area, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and southern Wisconsin

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorMarc Sender CHUSY/CRUSY
USY/Kadima Field Engagement AssociateDaniel Warshawsky CHUSY
USY/Kadima Field Engagement AssociateLindsay ScheinbachCRUSY

Central District (II)

The Central District II includes the Great Plains and spans north to Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorAnne Hope EMTZA
Field Engagement AssociateEvana Kvasnik EMTZA

Central District (III)

The Central District III includes Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorJacki Honig SWUSY
Field Engagement AssociateSarah Goldberg SWUSY

METNY District

METNY includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx; Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties, and Greenwich, Connecticut

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorDaniel Koas METNY
Assistant Regional Teen EngagementGillian Bartell METNY
Sababa Divisional DirectorDani Hauser METNY
Ruach Divisional DirectorMike Hirsch METNY
Emek Divisional Director David Strinkovsky METNY

Mid-Atlantic District

The Mid-Atlantic district includes all of New Jersey and Delaware, Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Altoona, and Staten Island, New York

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorCorey BassMizrach
Regional Teen Engagement DirectorHeather NoverHagalil
Field Engagement AssociateStacy GrossHagalil

Northeast District (I)

The Northeast District I includes Ontario and the Canadian provinces to its east, and New York state north of the New York City metropolitan area

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorEli Horowitz Tzafon/ ECRUSY
Regional Youth DirectorJessie Greenspan ECRUSY

Northeast District (II)

The Northeast District II includes  New England (except Greenwich, Connecticut)

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorJoyce Juda NERUSY/Hanefesh
USY/Kadima Field Engagement AssociateJonathan Marx NERUSY
USY/Kadima Field Engagement AssociateJason KayHanefesh

Northern Pacific Region

The Northern Pacific region includes the Pacific seaboard from northern California up to British Columbia, Alberta, and Alaska

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorDanit Rothstein New Frontier/Pinwheel
USY/Kadima Field Engagement AssociateTerrah Yevilov New Frontier
Field Engagement AssociateMichael Covner Pinwheel

Pacific Southwest Region

The Pacific Southwest region includes southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Hawaii

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorDarren Klein Far West
Assistant Regional Teen Engagement DirectorKatie Samiljan Far West
Far West ShlichaYaara KorenFar West

Southeast Seaboard District (I)

The Southeast Seaboard I region stretches south down the eastern seaboard from Maryland to North Carolina

Interim Regional Teen Engagement DirectorAbby Kerbel Seaboard
Field Engagement AssociateJenny Rubin Seaboard

Southeast Seaboard District (II)

The Southeast Seaboard region includes Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Barbados

Regional Teen Engagement DirectorStephanie Nichol HaNegev
Field Engagement AssociateAmy Dockler HaNegev

International Executive Board

PresidentZachary Zabib METNY
Israel Affairs VPAaron Schwartz METNY
Religion/Education VPSawyer GoldsmithCHUSY
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPEmily RosenbergMETNY
Membership/Kadima VPIlan CohenSeaboard
Communications VPBayle GoldmanSWUSY


International General Board

International Convention Co-ChairsJacob Deane METNY
Hannah WandersmanSeaboard
Summer Experience Outreach ChairsShawn Konichowsky Hagalil
Ilana Richman HaNegev
Tali Schor

Israel Affairs CommitteeSamantha Brody CHUSY
Samuel Burg
Raz Yona
NOAM Olami Relations ChairsNina Robins
Ilan RotenbergNERUSY
Religion/Education CommitteeBenjamin Kane NERUSY
Noa KligfieldFar West
Shoshana Scheinberg Hagalil
InterfaithJoshua Brunnlehrman METNY
Social Action/Tikun Olam CommitteeHayley Figur HaNegev
Zachary Greenwald EMTZA
Anat Pissetzky CHUSY
Izzy Levy
Development ChairSophia SlovesMizrach
Membership/Kadima Committee Mira Katz Pinwheel
Austin Kaufman Far West
Emily Kutler EMTZA
Alumni Network ChairEmma Grungold HaNegev
Demi Fine EMTZA
Communications CommitteeSam Adler Far West
Maddie Brim CHUSY
Julie Feldman Seaboard
Zack Wolfman METNY
Madelyn Pollack



CHUSY is the Chicago region of USY and includes local chapters in the greater Chicago area.

PresidentMaddie Brim
Executive VPCelia Giles
Israel Affairs VPSamantha Brody
Religion/Education VPMarc Luban
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPElana Redfern
Membership/Kadima VPJordyn Neiman
Communications VPLauren Appel




CRUSY is the Central Region of USY and includes local chapters from parts of Indiana, all of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

PresidentNoa Marcus
Israel Affairs VPMaya Gamer
Religion/Education VPHannah Lupovitch
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPHannah Lempert
Membership/Kadima VPBrooke Goldwasser
Communications VPEmma Segerman




ECRUSY is the Eastern Canadian region of USY and includes local chapters from the province of Ontario.

PresidentJenna Bienstock
Executive/Israel Affairs VP
Raffi Fox
Religion/Education VPGavi Gorman
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPNava Wolfish
Membership/Kadima VPKeren Gorman
Communications VPMaya Nadler




EMTZA is the Midwest region of USY and includes local chapters from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and Southeast Illinois.

PresidentEmily Kutler
Executive VP
Max Walker
Israel Affairs VPDani Orloff
Religion/Education VPEitan Weinstein
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPZachary Greenwald
Membership/Kadima VPDemi Fine
Communications VPMaya Cytron



Far West USY

Far West is the Pacific Southwest region of USY and includes local chapters from the southern part of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Hawaii.

PresidentNoa Kligfeld
Executive/Programming VPHannah Levinstein
Israel Affairs VPTehila Yona Cherry
Religion/Education VPTobey Lee
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPRachel Kornberg
Membership/Programming VPCaleb Posner
Communications VPBenji Levine
ParlimentarianElise Nochomovitz



Hagalil USY

Hagalil is the New Jersey region of USY and includes local chapters from Northern New Jersey and part of Staten Island, NY.

PresidentShawn Konichowsky
Executive/Israel Affairs VPNina Robins
Religion/Education VPShoshana Scheinberg
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPTali Levin
Membership/Programming VPLeah Miller
Communications VPHannah Korbman



Hanefesh USY

Hanefesh USY includes local chapters from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

PresidentMilli Cattan
Executive/Israel Affairs VPIsaac Schein
Religion/Education VPHadas Bromberg Seltzer
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPAva Glick
Membership/Programming VPEthan Gross
Communications VPEvan Siegel



HaNegev USY

HaNegev is the Southeastern region of USY and includes local chapters from southern North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

PresidentJacob Slavkin
Executive/ Social Action Tikun Olam VPJacob Needle
Religion Education VPEmma Grungold
Israel Affairs VPLian Kleinman
Membership Kadima VPBen Surasky
Communications VPTali Lyons
Arvot Subregional PresidentIllana Richman
Mercaz Subregional PresidentSadie Waldbaum
Ein Gedi Subregional PresidentElan Levine



Mizrach USY

Formerly EPA/Hagesher region, Mizrach USY includes local chapters from Eastern Pennsylvania, the greater Philadelphia area, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

PresidentSophia Sloves
Executive Programming VPSami Goldberg
Israel Affairs VPBecca Raush
Religion/Education VPTzvi Waxman
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPHarris Jayson
Membership/Programming VPRena Bromberg Gaber
Communications VPSammy Weiner



METNY is the Metropolitan New York region of USY and includes local chapters from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Rockland, Orange County, Westchester, and Greenwich, CT.

PresidentOmer Neutra
Executive/Israel Affairs VPRaz Yona
Religion/Education VPDavid Glickman
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPLindsay Uffer
Membership/Kadima VPAlex Zabib
Communications VPShayna Rosenstein
Emek Divisional PresidentLiran Maayani
Ruach Divisional PresidentAriel Wajnrajch
Sababa Divisional PresidentDanielle Amster




NERUSY is the New England region of USY and includes local chapters from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

PresidentIlan Rotberg
Executive/Religion Education VP
Beth Kane
Israel Affairs/Programming VPSam Berg
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPBen Wolpert
Membership/Kadima VPBen Freier
Communications VPMicah Rothkopf



New Frontier USY

New Frontier is the Northern California region of USY and includes local chapters from Reno, NV.

PresidentEli Ganz
Executive/Programming VPSara Horwitz
Religion/Education VPAviva Futornick
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPShay Firsty
Membership/Kadima VPMiri Leaderman-Bray
Israel Affairs/Regalia VPNitzan Bochner
Communications VPAvi Shapiro



Pinwheel USY

Pinwheels is the Pacific Northwest region of USY and includes local chapters from Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.

PresidentAbby Glass
Israel Affairs VPShira DeJong
Religion/Education VPAvishai Infeld
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPSam Raskind
Membership/Kadima VPMira Katz
Communications VPDanna Miller



Seaboard USY

Seaboard USY includes local chapters from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and northeastern North Carolina.

PresidentJulia Feldman
Israel Affairs VPJimmy Stluka
Religion/Education VPGabe Kanter-Goodell
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPTalia Armoza
Membership/Kadima VPJoe Rubin
Communications VPHannah Altman




SWUSY is the Southwestern region of USY and includes local chapters from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

PresidentMorgan Gongalez
Israel Affairs VPMichelle Gross
Religion Education/Culture VPCarol Lahana
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPEmma "E" Berlin
Membership/Kadima VPEmma Fiesinger
Communications VPIlana Williams



Tzafon USY

Tzafon USY is the Northeastern region of USY and includes local chapters from upstate New York and eastern Massachusetts.

PresidentAriella Hyman-Fessler
Israel Affairs VPElijiah Feret
Religion/Education VPRachel Schmidt
Social Action/Tikun Olam VPHannah Wallenfels
Membership/Kadima VPJeremy Werbow
Communications VPBonnie Comisar


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