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This material, although created for experiential/informal settings of USY and Kadima, can be used within a congregational school environment as well. To see additional ideas for Congregational school-youth group collaboration click here. Please note that some of this material may appear out of date and may need to be revised, however content is still useful and relevant.

These programs differ slightly from what you will find on the program bank page. Most sessions use experiential learning techniques and are best used for:

  • USY Sicha/Limud/Kitah
  • Hebrew High and Congregational School settings
  • Camp programs such as Encampment
  • Summer Programs education sessions

Scroll down to find sessions divided by topic.

Teaching Techniques and Resources


B’tzelem Elohim

Recommended: please order a copy of USY’s “Love Your Neighbor, Love Yourself: Building Healthy Relationships,” for an entire chapter on B’tzelem Elohim, covering topics such as body image, self esteem, tzinut and sexuality. Sample pages can be viewed here.

Community Responsibility

Conservative Judaism

Derech Eretz

USY has published an enitre sourcebook on mitzvot relating to community responibility, including a chapter dedicated to Pidyon Shvuyim which includes activities on the topic. To order a copy of Tzarchei Tzibur: Community Repsonsibility, visit USCJ Book Service (look for a yellow coverd book). 



*Check out the 2011 USY publication “Mah Gadlu Ma’asekha: Judaism and the Environment” available through USCJ Book Service. Complimentary lesson plans are available with book purchase by contacting Amy Dorsch ([email protected])



*For online Israel Education sites, click on USY’s Jewish Resources page and scroll down to “Israel.”


The following 5 programs are a joint collaboration between MERCAZ, the Zionist organization of the Conservative Movement and USY. Programs were prepared by Naomi Freedman, Shlichat Aliyah for the Conservative Movement and Amy Dorsch, former USY Education Coordinator.

For lessons on Pidyon Shvuyim or redeeming Israel’s captive soldiers, please see the Derech Eretz or ethics section above.

Jewish Identity





Social Justice, Tzedakah and Tikun Olam

Sample Pages for Tzedakah: A Time for Change, USY Sourcebook, created by Danny Siegel and available for purchase through USCJ Book Service

Danny Siegel Miztzvah Materials for USY:


Please refer to the Creative Tefillah page for additional creative service ideas.


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