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Chalutzim, Israel Club

Do you love Israel? Are you interested in learning more about the Jewish State? Do you want a safe space to share your opinions? Then Chalutzim is for you!

Chalutzim is an enrichment club for those who wish to be a part of a community and participate in more in-depth conversations about Israel.

Chalutzim means “pioneers,” in Hebrew, referring to the settlers who created the early Israeli state. Just like the first settlers, by being the change we wish to see around us and speaking out about what we can do to secure Israel’s future, we too are pioneers.

Chalutzim is…

  • A place where USYers can openly debate and talk about issues related to Israel
  • Israel-based education for those who want to go beyond programming already offered in chapters and regions
  • A network of USYers, online and in-person, who love Israel and wish to find solutions to the issues it faces every day


What are the benefits of membership?

  • Exclusive online discussion groups focusing on different Israel-related topics
  • Member-only late night programming at regional fall conventions
  • A member-only late night program at International Convention
  • Access to closed Facebook group to continue the conversation in between online sessions and conventions

Who can join?

Chalutzim is open to any member of USY who loves and is interested in Israel.

How do I become a member?

Sign into your regional Regpack account and in the additional/optional items section, click Chalutzim or contact your regional Israel Affairs Vice President with questions.

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