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8 places in Israel you need to visit to up your Instagram game

1.  The salty waters of the Dead Sea.

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Relax and float on in one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water or cover yourself head-to-toe in its mineral-rich mud for another fun ‘gram post.

2. The crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.a.flek USY Israel Pilgrimage Red Sea

Moses may have split it in two, but the Red Sea is actually more fun when you dive in! Take your Insta to new depths for amazing snorkeling pics of your friends and local sea life.

3. The endless sands of the Negev Desert.

sami_ronik USY Negev desert

It’s sand as far as the eye can see, but don’t be deceived by its name– this desert is rich with things to do, including riding camels!

4. The rocky cliffs of Mizpe Ramon.

Grab a carabiner (and a certified guide) and hand a friend your phone so they can get some gravity defying shots as you repel down the side of this mountain.

5. The intensely spiritual Kotel (Western Wall).

Moses couldn’t even make it here but I did. #TooG4you #myUSYsummer

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Capture your spiritual journey as you put a note in the Kotel, offer a personal prayer, or dance the hora at the thousands of years-old site.

6. The beautiful, sunny beaches of Haifa.laurencebender23 USY summer staff Haifa beach Instagram

Set up your towel next to the turquoise waters and get ready for some perfect beach day pics that will give your friends serious FOMO.

7. The green valleys of the Golan Heights.

Alan Imar USY Israel trip Instagram

Green looks good on you. Explore some of Israel’s most fertile terrains with amazing water and mountain hikes for nature shots that are 🔥 🔥 🔥.

8. The breathtaking lookout at Masada.

Alan Imar Masada USY Israel Pilgrimage Instagram

Set your alarm and wake up early to hike the famed mountain before sunrise. #Nofilter is needed to capture the amazing colors that emerge over the horizon.


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