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2016 Allocations Meeting Results

At the annual Allocations Meeting in September, Regional Presidents, Regional SA/TO VPs, and the SA/TO International General Board come together to allocate money that USYers have raised over the past year.

Below, you will find the amount donated to each charity during the 2016 Allocations Meeting. This amount includes the funds that chapters and regions allocated.

Conservative Movement Institutions

$1,000 Abayudaya – Uganda.

Works to increase the Jewish people in Uganda, practice mainstream Judaism: high observance level, maintain a Kosher diet, and have Jewish schools that teach Judaism and Hebrew.

$1,000 Bet El Chile

Works to offer complete Judaic development, in community and under the values of the Conservative Movement, that will ensure the continuity of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

$500 Conservative Yeshiva at the Fuchsberg Center

Gives students the skills for studying Jewish texts and the desire to continue Jewish learning and practice throughout their lives.

$3,400 Far West Hevrah Program

Brings Hevrah participants and active USYers together for socialization, religious education programming, and social action programming.

$1,600 Masorti/NOAM Olami

Works to build a worldwide network of Conservative/Masorti youth, which promotes positive Jewish self-discovery and instills Jewish values and practice into the lives of teenage Jews.

$967.30 Michael Levin Memorial Fund

Helps Lone Soldiers: people who have left their family, friends, and comforts of home in order to serve in the IDF.

$1,000 Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

Strives to strengthen Jewish identity in Israel by fostering unity through Jewish knowledge and education; devoted to Jewish studies conducted in an inclusive and tolerant environment.

$1,019.21 Tikvah Programs of Camp Ramah

Uses a buddy system with a special needs camper and another camper in order to give the special needs camper a Jewish summer camp experience.

Jewish Medical Needs and Disabilities

$600 Akim

Works to give every person, regardless of intellectual disabilities or developmental impairments, the right to enjoy suitable education, a valued social role, and exert full autonomy within his/her own community.

$800 Alyn

Works to rehabilitate children with physical disabilities, and return them to their families and communities as quickly as possible with the skills to function as productive and independent citizens.

$700 Bikur Cholim Hospital

Jerusalem’s fastest growing hospital and leading medical facility for both clinical and research levels.

$41.03 Dysautonomia Foundation

Works with children and adults who have familial dysautonomia (extreme/dangerous swings in blood pressure and body temperature, do not feel pain) through medical treatment, research and social services.

$800 Haifa Center for Children with Learning Disabilities

Works with children with learning disabilities, developmental delays, and behavioral problems in order for them to realize their innate potential and utilize opportunities for a successful future.

$1250 Ilan

Works to provide the disabled population (physical and emotional) of Jerusalem with the services and treatment needed from birth to death to realize full potential and achieve independence.

$500 Israel Cancer Research Fund  

Provides funds to support brilliant young scientists in cancer research; the largest voluntary charitable organization solely focused on cancer research.

$540 Israel Elwyn

Provides direct support services to over 3,300 children and adults with developmental and other disabilities, assisting individuals in achieving a high quality of life.

$800 Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind

Works to improve the quality of life for blind Israelis, including veterans, by providing safe mobility, independence, and self-confidence through the faithful assistance of guide dogs.

$900 Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association

Provides highest standard of therapeutic riding services to mentally/physically challenged people using various forms of horseback riding.

$720 Jewish Braille Institute

Enables blind, visually impaired, and reading disabled members of the worldwide Jewish community to participate fully in educational, cultural, and religious life.

$1250 Keren Malki

Helps and empowers families with children with severe disabilities to remain within their families; offer ongoing support through lending of special equipment for mobility, accessibility, and home-care and funding paramedical therapies.

$533.13 Lotem

Offers accessible hikes and educational nature activities to people with visual and hearing impairments, intellectual and emotional challenges, and children on the autism spectrum.

$1800 Magen David Adom

The Nativ programs’ partnership with Israel’s emergency, medical, ambulance, blood, and disaster relief services.

$350 National Tay Sachs Foundation

Leads the fight to cure Tay Sachs, Canavan, and related genetic diseases and supports affected families and individuals in leading fuller lives.

$700 Rambam Medical Center

Serves as the principal medical facility for the Northern Command of the IDF as well as for 12 district hospitals in Northern Israel, unifying all fields of medical science and employing multidisciplinary approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

$800 Shai Society/Beit Hagalgalim

Works to support and advance the social abilities of children and young adults who suffer from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other debilitating illnesses.

$500 Yad Sarah

Provides an array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages.

Jewish Community & Development

$600 Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation

Works to memorialize Jewish victims of the Holocaust and commemorate pre-war Jewish-Polish life.

$450 Committee for Ethiopian Jews in Tzfat

Works to absorb new immigrants and heighten Ethiopian Judaism.

$1,000 DREAM Project

The DREAM project provides more than 670,000 hours of quality education for more than 7,000 children through 14 different programs across 27 different communities, benefitting the lives of 8,000 community members.

$750 Hazon

Works to create healthier and sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond; largest environmental organization in the American Jewish community.

$600 Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Provides lifesaving services to refugees and asylum seekers; advocates for safety/dignity of refugees worldwide and helps refugee families reunite.

$150 Israel Free Loan Association

Works to assist people to prevent them from turning to questionable loan sources.

$720 Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

Works to repay a debt of gratitude on behalf of the Jewish community to the non-Jewish men and women who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

$300 Kehilat Zion in Jerusalem

Kehilat Zion is a community of Jews of all backgrounds and beliefs who are coming together to re-dream Israel as a meeting point for all. The money received from USY will allow members of their youth group to complete social action projects in Jerusalem.

Jewish Community and Development

$240 Keren Segulat Naomi

Works with all ages of people in helping provide all needs (food, school supplies, dishes and furniture, clothes, goods for Passover, help for B’nai Mitzvot, medication).


Works to provide on-site programs for Ethiopian Jews wanting to immigrate to Israel and improve immigrant education.

$226.83 National Yiddish Book Center

Works to tell the whole Jewish story by rescuing, translating, and disseminating Yiddish books, and presenting innovative educational programs that broaden the understanding of a modern Jewish identity.

$250 Tivnu

Works to address the need for housing across the country, to reach Jews who have fallen through the cracks between existing organizations, and to connect Jews and non-Jews through service in Portland, Oregon.

$385 Tkiya: The Jewish Community Music School

Works to celebrate Jewish culture through music; uses education and intergenerational music to connect.

Jewish Counseling and Care for Women, Children, and the Elderly

$500 Amutat Ganei Tazpit

Provides for children with developmental delays in developmental areas and functions: cognitive and mental delays, language and communication disorders, behavioral and emotional problems, and learning disabilities.

$800 Bayit Cham

Provide for adults and children facing mental health and emotional challenges.

$316.94 Chai Lifeline/Camp Simcha

Brings joy and hope to seriously ill children and their families; gives campers with wide range of life-threatening illnesses, chronic diseases, and disabilities a camp experience.

$300 ELEM – Youth in Distress

Serves to address youth in various conditions of risk by creating a non-judgmental relationship and assisting them in paving their way towards reintegration in their community in Israel.

$1,500 Jaffa Institute

Works to ensure that at-risk girls are given the opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse for themselves and for future generations.

$800 Beit Ruth

Provides a safe home to at risk and vulnerable girls and gives them a chance to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. The girls live in a village with all female staff. The hope is to have the girls re-enter society in a stable, empowered, and an independent way.

$750 Jerusalem Council for Children & Youth  

Works to advocate and initiate projects for issues related to the physical, social, and educational well-being of Jerusalem’s children that the government agencies cannot address sufficiently.

$1500 Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center

Provides crucial services to survivors of sexual assault as well to the population at large: crisis intervention, personal support, education workshops, support groups, accompaniment of victims in health, criminal, and legal proceedings.

$358.42 Jerusalem Shelter for Battered Women

Works to assist battered women and their children permanently escape the cycle of domestic violence and rebuild their lives

$250 Jordan River Village

Jordan River Village aims to give children with disabilities the chance to truly experience childhood through free summer camps.

$500 Kesher

Works to build a supportive society in which families of children with special needs are empowered to raise their children with honor and dignity.

$1700 Mavoi Satum

Works to find a solution to issues of gender inequality and human rights while still being unbiased and respectful of Israeli civil law.

$800 Neve Hanna

Offers a safe house for children who have suffered physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse and supports children with therapeutic programs, remedial teaching, and other rehabilitation services.

$1, 354.18 Sharsheret

Offers a community of support to women diagnosed with breast cancer or at increased genetic risk by fostering culturally-relevant individualized connections with networks of peers, health professionals, and related resources.

$600 Shekel

Promotes the integration of people with special needs in the community, helps them achieve equal rights and opportunities, dignity, self-fulfillment, and self-determination.

$550 Yad L’kashish

Supports and integrates thousands of elderly into society in dignity and self-respect by working and remaining productive every day by creating artistic production to be sold.

$84 Yad Ezrah

A humanitarian organization in Israel that works to  provide nutritional security, educational enrichment, and social support to children and youth throughout Israel who live under the poverty line.

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