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SA/TO is USY’s acronym for Social Action/Tikun Olam. Performing social action and tikun olam, translated as “repairing the world,” are integral parts of forming Jewish identity and honoring the commandments and traditions laid down in the Torah. Through the real world application of Jewish values, we empower young Jewish leaders to make a positive and lasting impact on their world. By performing acts of tzedakah (charity), USY and its teens have helped communities across the globe through various actions, including standing up against gun violence at USY’s 2012 International Convention in Boston, MA, farming to feed the hungry in Israel on USY’s summer trip L’Takayn Olam, and volunteering at several organizations for the underprivileged in the San Francisco Bay area a New Frontier region’s annual Mini Mission Mitzvah event.

To oversee these efforts chapters, regions, and the International board typically have a teen “SA/TO” Vice President.

We are committed to bettering the world around us through hands-on volunteering, advocacy, and charitable giving on the local, regional, and international level. Below are some photos of our teens in action, giving back to local communities!

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