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Observe Shabbat! Take your Standardized Tests on Sunday!

What to do for the SAT/Subject Tests:

  1. Obtain a regular SAT/Subject Test application form.
  2. On the form, in the section for your test center location, fill in 01-000. (Leave the second choice blank.) Educational Testing Service guarantees to arrange a Sunday testing site. For more information, call the Educational Testing Service at (866) 756-7346.
  3. Indicate the Saturday date that is the day before you would like to take the Sunday exam, in the area designated for your test date.
  4. With your application, enclose a short letter from your Rabbi or Youth Director explaining why you need to take the test on Sunday (a form letter indicating religious reason is fine).
  5. Mail in your application at least a week before the registration deadline. If this is the first time you are registering for Sunday testing you must register by mail. Otherwise you may register online or by phone.

What to do for the ACT Test:

  1. Obtain a regular ACT application form.
  2. On the form, in the section for your test center location, fill in the test center code for the non-Saturday date relating to your test choice. NOTE: The code for Sunday test dates all end with a “1”. These test codes are listed at the end of the section for each state.

Dates may differ at the site near you and may not be on a Sunday. Please call the ACT Registration phone line at (319) 337-1270 to confirm the date and testing location for the non-Saturday ACT test near you.

For more information, visit (for the SAT) or (for the ACT).

Study hard and feel great, because by taking the test on a Sunday, you’ve increased your Shabbat observance and helped to guarantee that this option is available for Jewish students in the future!

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