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Are you still confused about how to wrap Tefillin? Do you love the Havdalah service, but want to learn the blessings so you can sing along? USY leadership is here to help you!

Rel/ed VP Resources

This packet includes:

  • The structure of the prayer service
  • Guidelines for the Torah Service
  • Tips for the Shatz (prayer leader)
  • Hebrew pronunciation
  • Customs and rituals of Tefillah…and much more

Learnin’ Your Laynin’? Download the new Pocket Torah app to view your Aliyah with both trope and in Tikun mode, as well as listen to the correct word pronunciation and trope sounds.

*NEW*  a-ME-dah

A project of 2013 Rel/ed IGB member, Gila Fridkis

The Amidah is the core of the Jewish prayer service, recited three times daily. It consists of 19 blessings that can have personal meaning and significance for the individual. Do you feel connected at all to this prayer? Or do you find yourself sitting quietly while others around you seem to be “into it?” The a-ME-dah project goal is to help USYers find meaning wiht the individual brachot of the Amidah. Keep checking for updates as Gila’s project grows. Here is the ReledUSY Youtube channel to check out the first few clips.


Each link leads you to an instructional Youtube video on different Jewish customs and rituals. You can watch the video and follow along at your own pace and learn the “how-tos” of living Jewishly.

2011 Videos (starring Max Bartell and friends)

  • Pesach
  • Havdalah – learn how to do Havdalah and share this really special ritual with your family members. Click here to listen to the iDaven recording.

2010 Videos (starring Alex Krule):

Holiday Guides

Created by a number of different USY Religion/Education Vice Presidents, these holiday guides not only gives you all the information you need to know to celebrate certain holidays, but also may provide new facts and rituals you may not have known/observed before.



For another Jewish resource to help you sharpen your knowledge of popular z’mirot and Ruach songs, check out the iDaven page to hear the recording collaboration.

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