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USY puts out a number of publications each year, written and conceived by the USYers themselves, about every aspect of the organization from Social Action/Tikun Olam to our official blog, Achshav.

Below see the full list and descriptions for all our publications, past and present!



Starting in 2015 Achshav was relaunched as USY’s official blog. Previously Achshav! was USY’s news magazine, for USYers and by USYers that included Shalhevet, the creative arts magazine. Go to our archive to see past issues.


Now on Facebook, HeChalutzon is the perfect medium for Ahavat Tzion! The official message board of Chalutzim, HeChalutzon offers the close-knit community in which to express love for Israel.

Formerly sent out as a newsletter, HeChalutzon ia jam-packed with wonderful articles, reviews of new Israeli Music or Movies, information about Israeli culture, Israeli slang, an update from Nativ, and TONS of other stuff. Go to our archive to see past issues.

SA/TO Scoop

Published periodically, the Social Action/Tikun Olam newsletter contains the latest updates from the International USY SA/TO Committee, including highlighted causes and ways you can get involved at home. To see all issues, click here.


Bo’er Ba’esh

Boer Ba’esh was the official newsletter of the Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society, put together by the Religion/Education Committee of the International General Board.

Eit La’asot

Eit La’asot was the official newsletter of the 613 Mitzvah Corps, USY’s Social Action/Tikun Olam club. The newsletter was put together by the Social Action/Tikun Olam Committee of the International General Board.


Currently on hiatus, Lanasi is USY’s Chapter Presidents newsletter. It features articles of interest to USY Chapter Presidents. For current USY content please go to our blog, Achshav. Go to our archive to see past issues.


Currently on hiatus, Shalhevet is USY’s Creative Arts magazine, first published in 1997. It contains prose, poetry, and photography by USYers from across the continent, including many works inspired by USY summer program experiences. Go to our archive to see past issues.

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