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What is Chalutzim?

Chalutzim is Hebrew for “pioneers,” the original settlers in modern-day Israel. Because these pioneers dedicated their lives to creating the best possible life for their descendants, Israel today is stronger than ever.

In USY, Chalutzim is the Israel Advocacy club, founded so that we too can create the best relationship with Israel through programming, advocacy workshops, and fun activities. Chalutzim a great opportunity for anyone who loves our land, and wants to support her through knowledge and action.

Who can join Chalutzim?

Chalutzim is for any paid member of USY who loves Israel. Join today! Simply fill out this form and you’re in!

Why should I join Chalutzim?

Besides the opportunity to be in the best Israel club around, there are also plenty of other reasons to join Chalutzim:

  • HeChalutzon – The Israel Newsletter, full of hot Israeli music, movies, slang, as well as articles written by YOU!
  • HeChalutzim Seminar in Israel – An amazing in-depth trip for 17 Chalutzim, each from a different region, in Israel for 10 days. The trip is an exclusive opportunity to learn about Israeli culture, society and government.
  • Other awesome benefits include a T-shirt at International Convention, pins or stickers, late night sessions at your regional conventions and International Convention, and plenty of other incentives.

Can I get more info?

Sure! Just e-mail your USY Israel Affairs Vice President with any Chalutzim questions.

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