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USY on Wheels, East


Our day started with a longer service than usual because it was a fast day. But we all looked proudly on as so many different people participated in the service, from people who had learned to read Torah, as well as those who had learned to...

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Our first stop before our final Shabbat together was at a really cool museum in DC--the Newseum. We started with a very well put together 4-D movie, as well as walking down the different layers of the museum, which went through the history of news....

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Our day started out in the best way possible on a hot day, we went to a water park. We splashed around the pools, did cool jumps, and went down some fun slides! Our next stop was the opposite of water, we went to space!...

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Our morning started out a bit chilly--we went ice skating! We kicked off our shoes, and tightened the laces of our skates. Some of us knew how to skate much better than others, but we all had a great time helping each other out by...

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We had a delicious breakfast of waffles from our very nice host synagogue in South Carolina. It was a great way to start the day! Our next part of the day was davening shachrit by the beach to ourselves. Looking out at the waves crashing,...

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Our first stop of the day was a serious one. We got off the bus and walked a few blocks to the AME church. At the church we described the shooting that occurred there last summer and got a chance to say mourner's Kaddish at the...

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I'm singing in the rain! Singing in the rain! Of course, we didn't start the day that way. Our first activity was creative tefillot in the dark. We covered our eyes with blindfolds and followed along as our shaliach sibur (leader of tefillot) lead us....

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We got the chance to do more community service when we went to a beach in Jacksonville. We cleaned it up before we went swimming in the perfect temperature water at the beach. It was so much fun swimming after each other, throwing frisbees, and...

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We had the wonderful opportunity to give our time to a great organization called Mustardseed. All of us were split into small groups and either raked outside, took apart mattresses, helped in the thrift shop, organized furniture, and so much more. Our volunteering also gave...

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Our day started out by doing a special tefillah where each person chose a song that related to their tefillah. It was a beautiful and futuristic way of incorporating tefillah into our daily lives. Our next stop of the day was Universal! It was so...

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