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USY on Wheels, Bus B


Our last full day was certainly a day to remember. We started back at BZBI where we davened and ate breakfast. Our first stop was Board Game Park where we got to play around on huge game pieces from chess and checkers. From here we...

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We had a super fun day traveling around Pennsylvania today! Our first stop was Hershey's Chocolate World, where we took a tour (more like a fun ride) that taught us how Hershey's milk chocolate is made - our favorite part of the tour was the signing...

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This morning, we woke up, davened, and instead of reading Torah, we put on a parsha play! We love sedrah scenes - they are always a fun and engaging way to learn Torah. Our first stop after this was the Rock and Roll Hall of...

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This morning, we left Chicago, stopped in Indiana, and said hello to the Buckeye State- Ohio! Our first stop here was Sweetie's, which is a HUGE candy warehouse store. We ran around trying out new and favorite candies, we also got to stop in a Soda...

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Today, we returned to Anshei Emet from our host homes and started the morning participating in a tefillin swap. After participating in sichot about gender and Judaism, this activity was even more meaningful and thought-provoking. Next, we traveled to Millennium Park where we got to...

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We started the day off at a place that the Wisconsin Dells is famous for - a water park! And, to be honest, it wasn't just any old water park, it was Mount Olympus: the world's largest indoor and outdoor water and amusement park! We...

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We visited three new states today - Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin! Our first stop of the day was the Iowa Science Center, which was awesome. Here, we made race cars out of Legos, built arches, tried to make cups float in the air, and so...

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We had a great day today! We said goodbye to South Dakota, but not without one last stop. Instead of praying at the hotel, we davened Shacharit at Falls Park. It was beautiful and definitely a service to remember! Next, we drove to Omaha where...

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Today we had a seriously packed, random, and fun day gallivanting through South Dakota! Our first stop of the day was Fort Hayes Chuckwagon, for a surprise all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast! Our pancakes were delicious, but the music and dancing that took place is what really...

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Today was a packed and seriously fun-filled day as we began our time in one of the best wheels states there is - South Dakota! Our first stop of the day was one of the most famous monuments in America - Mount Rushmore! We got...

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