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USY on Wheels, Bus A


As the summer comes to a close, we are so thankful for an incredible summer with bus a 2016. Thank you to all those who made it possible for us to experience this journey with an incredible group. Yesterday after a day in Philly we...

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Yesterday Bus A started off the day with an awesome tefillah where we provided the space for a teffilin swap.  This allowed those members of the community who don't always wrap to experience what it is like to where teffilin. We then drove back into DC...

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Yesterday we headed into DC where we had free time on the National Mall. We were able to see the White House, Lincoln memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol. After visiting the museums, we headed to AIPAC where we learned more about the American- Israel...

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On Sunday the group woke up after an incredible final Shabbat together. During Shacharit we reminisced on Shabbat memories, as we added personal messages to our Siddur that will remind us of our wheels summer throughout the year. We then drove to North Carolina where...

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Bus A had an exciting day on Friday as we spent the morning exploring the world of Coca Cola and the national museum of civil rights. We had a balance of learning about the history of civil rights in America and around the globe while...

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Today our morning began with Shacharit at Beth El in Birmingham and we continued the discussion of what we want to bring home with us from this summer. After eating breakfast, we went to claim some unclaimed baggage that has been collected by airports over...

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This morning, Bus A raised the curtain as we started our day with a Broadway themed shacharit! We then drove to Sweet Home Alabama where we learned and toured the Sloss Furnaces, the old iron producing furnaces that give Birmingham it's two nicknames of the...

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After reuniting as a Bus A community at our host home synagogue for Shacharit, we began our drive to Nashville, Tennessee. The first stop we made was at Second Harvest Food Bank to volunteer in the community. Not only did we make a difference by...

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This morning, we drove to St. Louis and made sure to tell everyone that "We're not in Kansas anymore!" Once we got to St. Louis, we made our first stop at the St. Louis City Museum, a place where we were able to run around...

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Today we followed the yellow brick road all the way to Kansas! We learned about one of the Jewish days of commemoration - the 17th of Tammuz - and several of us observed the day by fasting from sunrise to sunset. We discussed destruction in...

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