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Meet your 2017 USY International General Board!

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Asher Gold and I am so pumped to be a co-chair for USY’s 67th International Convention! Sushi is by far my favorite food, am a huge sports fan, and love my dog Diego. I am so excited for this year and I look forward to meeting all of you in Chicago!




Hi,  I’m Sami Ronik (but my friends call me Beyoncé) and I’m from the best region in the USA, and Canada, eh?, HaNegev!! I love to binge watch Netflix shows, hang with friends, and snack on GoGo Squeez! IC Chicago is going to the be the best International Convention yet and I couldn’t be more hyped/honored for this opportunity. Get ready for the best week ever; can’t wait to see you all there!

Hi, I’m Dina Doctoroff from Hagalil! I have been on two USY Summer Experience programs, Wheels Bus B 2015 and L’Takayn Olam 2016, and I have loved every moment of both. I am a huge fan of dogs and mock trial, and I love having deep meaningful conversations, so feel free to hit me up!




Hi USY! My name is Matan, and I love USY Summer Experience. I went on USY on Wheels in 2015, knowing almost no one on my bus, and left with a new family. USY on Wheels taught me so much about leadership and friendship, and helped me step out of my comfort zone in order to seize opportunities that come my way. I’ll be spending next summer on Eastern Europe/ Israel Pilgrimage, and there is nothing I would like more than for you to join me.

Shalom! My name is Gabrielle Zwi and I’m a member of Seaboard USY, class of 20Chai. I enjoy making connections, music, and helping people help people. This is my second year serving on the International General Board (IGB), and my third year on chapter board and Seaboard’s Regional General Board (REB), so I’m always excited to collaborate with USYers!



Hi! My name is Alan, but you can call me Al. I was born in CHUSY, but I live in HaNegev. I’ve always had a Jewish fire inside of me. I am currently BTBRC’s (located in Miami, FL) Chapter President and I serve on Rel/Ed REB. In my free time, I advocate for Israel and watch YouTube vloggers.

Shalom USY! My name is Libby Fern and I’m thrilled to be on the Israel Affairs (IA) International General Board (IGB) this year! I’m a Junior from Minnetonka, Minnesota (best state in America) and I come from the OG region, EMTZA. I’m currently living in Jerusalem on TRY. You can normally find me watching Netflix, eating sushi, ham horning, exploring Minneapolis/Jerusalem, and spending time with my friends!



Hi! My name is Zachary Zabib and I’m from the mighty METNY region. I am in love with my homeland and I never leave Israel without knowing when I’ll be back. Some of my favorite things are Game of Thrones and football.




Shalom USY! My name is Eitan Goldmeer and I am beyond excited to be on the IA IGB this year! I hail from the small but mighty city of Albany, New York in the center of the amazing Tzafon region.  I love watching Food Network, reading murder mysteries, relaxing with my family and spending time with my friends! Can’t wait for an amazing year.




Hello, Shalom, Hola! My name is Maya Wasserman. *She’s from Hagalil* *clap* I live in Jewville, otherwise known as Teaneck, NJ. Normally I am studying, watching Grey’s Anatomy or working on a program for USY. My favorite icebreaker question is what kitchen utensil are you and why? I would be a melon baller, because it tries to make everything perfect but it doesn’t always end up that way, like me. Can’t wait for an awesome and fun filled year!

Hi, my name is Mira Berenbaum and I am a junior from Los Angeles, CA and a very active member of my home chapter of TBALA and Far West USY. I am super excited to be on the 2017 Religion/Education International General Board (IGB) and I hope to help every USYer deepen their connection to Judaism. I spend my summers in Ojai at Camp Ramah in California and I go to school at Milken Community Schools. When I have a little free time, I love cheering on the Los Angeles Dodgers, eating sushi or Los Angeles kosher food, and watching Friday Night Lights.


Shalom! My name is Juliana Sherer and I am a junior from the Pincredible Pinwheel Region. I am absolutely thrilled to be serving on the 2017 Religion/Education IGB, focusing on creating holiday-related resources for chapter Rel/Eds, promoting egalitarianism, and just making services more fun and accessible! I love to sing and write songs, and I am an avid fan of salted caramel and mac and cheese!



Shalom y’all, I’m Sophie Libow, a junior from HaNegev, specifically Orlando: The City Where Dreams Come True. I’m so excited to serve on this year’s Religion/Education IGB. When I’m not working on USY (which is very infrequently), I can be found sweating in the yoga studio, drinking green juice, or watching a factual documentary.



Heyo! I’m Jacob Ezra Deane from the great METNY regioooon! I live in Long Island and am so honored and proud to be on the magnificent Religion/Education IGB with everyone! I love ice cream, magic, and football.

Hi, I’m Joey Wolpert is a junior from NERUSY. I am extremely excited and honored to be serving as a member of your Social Action/Tikun Olam (SA/TO) International General Board (IGB), overseeing the allocations process. In my free time I love to play frisbee and compete in robotics competitions.




Hi! My name is Rachel Coskey and I am an eleventh grader from the beautiful Pinwheel Region! I love potatoes of all forms, elephants, and funky socks.  I am thrilled to be serving as your 2017 SA/TO Engagement Chair.  Throughout my term, I will be reaching out to SA/TOs at all levels to help them reach their fullest potential of their position.  I’m looking forward to an incredible year!



Hey y’all! My name is Kira Lynn Seelig and I am from the greatest region, SWUSY! I’m so honored to be on your SA/TO IGB! When I’m not doing USY work, I am playing lacrosse, volunteering, teaching at Hebrew School, or acting or debating something.




Hi! I’m Gabriella Cooperman, a proud junior from CHUSY. I’m so honored to be serving as a part of the Social Action/Tikun Olam General Board this year as the Project Changemaker Chair! When not at a USY event, you can find me in a theatre or working towards a better world.

Hi, I’m Shawn Konichowsky is a sophomore from Hagalil USY.  I am beyond excited to serve on the Membership/Kadima (Mem/Kad) International General Board (IGB) and look forward to working with as many USYers as possible.  I enjoy the TV show How I Met Your Mother, cooking, and spending time with friends.




Hi, I’m Hannah Eiger, a junior from Hagalil USY. I am so pumped to serve on the Membership/Kadima IGB! I served as Hagalil’s Membership/Program Vice President this past year, and can’t wait to connect with more USYers on the international level! On an average day, you could probably find me watching Ellen, playing mykazoo, shopping at Costco, eating jelly beans, or randomly dancing.



Shalom y’all! I am Murray, a junior from Chattanooga, TN in HaNegev USY. I am is thrilled to be on this year’s Membership/Kadima IGB and spread the joy of USY! Currently I am serving as his chapter Mem/Kad, Regional Convention Co-Chair, and on HaNegev’s Mem/Kad Regional General Board. In my free time Murray I like to attend Atlanta Falcons football games, hang out with friends, and do USY!



Molly Pascoe from ECRUSY is super excited to be on your 2017 Membership/Kadima IGB! She is in grade 11 in Toronto and currently serves as ECRUSY Regional Mem/Kad. She loves coffee, elephants, and mismatched socks! She is really looking forward to working with and getting to know USYers everywhere this year!

Howdy USY! I’m Ilan and I hail from Adas Israel USY (AIUSY) in Washington D.C, part of the mighty mighty Seaboard region! When I’m not in school or doing USY related activities, you can can find me working on my school newspaper, writing debate team speeches, or playing ultimate frisbee… poorly. This year, my goal is to help USY leaders prioritize and address their chapter’s needs successfully.

Shalom, y’all! I’m Bayle Goldman, a junior from HouJew USY, the coolest chapter in SWUSY, aka the best region out there. I have been in love with USY since my first Kadima convention in 6th grade, and have really enjoyed growing as a Jewish leader. Last year I served as SWUSY’s Regional Communications VP and am currently serving on the Comm Regional General Board (RGB) as well as co-chairing our Regional Convention. Outside of USY, I am active in theatre, choir, improv, dance, Junior Girls, Student Council, and I am the editor of my school’s online newspaper. I am so excited to be working with you to a COMMplish so much this year!


Hi! My name is Dalia Tabibian and I am so honored to be on Comm International General Board (IGB) this year. I am from the HELLA best region in USY, New Frontier! I live in San Jose, California, and I have been New Frontier Regional Comm VP for the past two years. I was on USY on Wheels Classic Bus C 2015 and this summer I will be on Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage! If I am not having a blast at USY conventions or working on ‘Commy’ stuff, you can find me on the volleyball court, playing my guitar, but most likely, Snapchatting away. I am very excited to be working along with the Comm IGB and International Executive Board (IEB) members to make this year of USY HELLA fun! Can’t wait for what will be an amazing year!


Hi! I’m Jonathan Silverman, a junior from the great chapter of MillbUSY in the great region of Hagalil, and I’m incredibly proud to be on Communications Committee IGB! In addition to IGB, I have also served on Hagalil’s RGB as Israel Challenge Coordinator and am currently on Hagalil’s SA/TO Committee RGB. I am a huge music and theatre nerd. I am in my school acapella group, Soulfege, as a bass, and I am currently in rehearsals for the musical A Chorus Line. I also play violin in my school’s orchestra, sing tenor in choir, and have been playing guitar for the past six months. I went to both IC Baltimore and IC Dallas, and I am totally psyched for IC Chicago!


Shalom chaverim! My name is Julius Sheinman and I’m from the region where dreams come true, also referred to as HaNegev! I am truly honored to represent such an amazing organization. I’m a professional photographer, DJ, marketing ambassador, and love playing soccer! #COMMdown




Hello USY!! My name is Lily Smith and I am a junior from USY’s first ever chapter, Beth El Rishon USY (BERUSY), in the greatest region of them all, EMTZA! Besides being active in USY, I swim competitively and do synchronized swimming for my school; respect the hop. I will also be an Ozo this summer at Herzl Camp in Webster, Wisconsin. When I’m not raving about how fun #myusysummer was (G6 2016 will never die) I’m probably eating, napping, responding to Snapchats too quickly, or being obnoxious in a group chat. This past year I went to IC Dallas and had the best time. I can’t wait to have even more fun at IC Chicago!

Hi! I’m Mikayla Golub. My favorite foods are waffle fries and sushi (though definitely not together). My favorite holiday is Hanukkah because I get to wear my Hanukkah-themed cat pajamas and not feel weird. My favorite Hebrew word is Sababa. (And, I also love USY!)

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