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Meet your 2017 USY International Board!

Dear USY,

I am humbled and honored to have been elected, and beyond ready to pause, listen, and serve with you all this year.

I have been in USY since the 8th grade, when I fell in love with the profound relationships and meaningful discussions it served as a platform for. I belong to Temple Beth Am Los Angeles (Go TBALA!), a place that opened the door for me to discover the magic of Far West USY (meep meep), and am a senior at Beverly Hills High School… go Normans! Through my experience at secular public school, I realized that I needed something more than superficial friendships and career oriented extracurriculars. USY provided me an opportunity to add intentionality to my life and has instilled in me a burning passion for Judaism.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to guide the organization that has the potential to fill so many young individuals with bliss. I can’t do it alone, though. I need your help to drive USY forward. Listen to your heart’s desires and take action in response to them. Do something about your yearning for a better world. I am a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words,” so I invite you to take action with me this year and make this world and our organization a better place.

I’m so lucky to serve that which has provided me so much. I anticipate a year of action and serving God, the world, and USY with joy. Ivdu et Hashem b’simcha, am I right?

Todah Rabah.

With love,

Noah Lee

USY 2017 International President

Shalom- שלום USY!!!!

My name is Josh Bienstock and I feel honoured and humbled to serve you as your International IA VP this year! I am a card carrying Canadian and member of USY’s Eastern Canadian region (ECRUSY) and my chapter, BDBIBA. If I’m not in the kitchen whipping up some cookies or a mean mac’n’cheese, you will usually find me ranting to a friend, or to anybody really, about anything politics or global affairs. I love learning about the intricacies of our precious world and all the potential that we have to create positive change and improve it.

I believe that the only way we can grow to reach our fullest potential is by learning how to learn from others. Being willing to change and alter our points of view as we learn is crucial in this process. This year, I want you to feel comfortable sharing perspectives and opinions that challenge the status quo. This year is all about developing why Israel is relevant to you. There is no such thing as one opinion, every single one of you has, or has the potential to have, different opinions on the issues of this complex, intriguing and fabulous country; all of which should be heard and incorporated into the greater conversation about Israel.

I LOVE meeting new people and talking for hours on end about whatever you want. Don’t worry if you need a little help pronouncing my last name; I can definitely help you out!

With Love – B’Ahava,

Joshua Benjamin Bienstock
USY 2017 International Israel Affairs Vice President

Hey USY!

My name is Jared Rogers, and I am extremely humbled, delighted, and excited to serve as your 2017 International Religion/Education Vice President.

I am a proud member of Midway Jewish Center USY in the Ruach Division of the Metropolitan New York (METNY) Region. You will most likely find me eating macaroni and cheese, watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, or reading a dystopian science fiction novel. Even though I am not that good at golf, I avidly collect souvenir golf balls (and currently own 120). Not only am I captain of the Mathletes, but I also aspire to become an engineer and found my own technology company.

I like to envision Judaism as a journey. Now more than ever, I strongly believe that we are all able to shape each other’s Jewish journeys by connecting through meaningful shared experiences. This year, I will work to empower every USYer with the knowledge and experiences necessary for understanding what it is we do in USY – build our relationships, develop our passions, and discover our potentials. With new opportunities to learn, to teach, and to inspire, we will truly be able to positively impact ourselves, each other, and the future of USY.

Join me, and USYers everywhere, to see just how special your Jewish journeys can be, and to experience the true spirit of what it means to be in USY. Let’s never stop believing, and always hold onto our great Jewish feelings.

With love—באהבה,

Jared Rogers

USY 2017 International Religion/Education Vice President


I’m Josh Eiger and one of the most energetic, in your face people you’ll know! SA/TO is my passion and USY is very close to my heart. I love the kehillah (community) we create when we come together. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the USY kehillah ever since the summer before my 6th grade year when I stepped on the bus for Hagalil Encampment.

The time has come for significant change, change that give our Tikun Olam money a purpose, change that screams, we will make the world a better place, and together we are going to bring that change to you, this year with SA/TO.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any SA/TO things you would like to talk about!


Joshua Eiger

USY 2017 International Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President

Hey USY!

My name is Isaac Bensignor and I am excited, thrilled, and honored to serve as your 2017 USY International Membership and Kadima Vice President!

I call the Metropolitan New York (METNY) USY region my home and the mighty Ruach Division my family.

I’m a sucker for some really good pizza with a slightly crunchy crust, vegetable lo mein, and some medium cooked steak (of course not all at once!). I’m a big fan of cooking my own food, especially when I get to barbecue it.

I am currently a senior at Schechter School of Long Island and am going to college this coming fall, where I will be pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering (my end goal is to become a real astronaut! Hey NASA, hit me up!). I’m also a captain of my school’s Varsity Floor Hockey team and an avid Mock Trial participant.

This year I’m excited to work with not just my IGB, but all of you, to take our organization from being good to great. By redefining how we choose our IGB, how we execute our projects and initiatives, and how we communicate with each other, we can keep positive momentum headed in the right direction.

I implore you all to reach out to me, or any of the IEB, to suggest something, offer a concern, pose a question, or just to say hi! We don’t bite.

Love always and hope to hear from you soon,

Isaac Bensignor

USY 2017 International Membership and Kadima Vice President

Good morning!

I’m Zachary Patrick “The Jedi Ninja” MonteLeon (or Zach for short). I am from Staten Island, New York (the forgotten borough of NYC), my favorite culinary device is the cheese grater (because it’s great), and I am gratefully serving as your USY 2017 International Communications Vice President.

I play guitar, bass, keyboard, and tuba, and write my own music.  I love singing ruach songs and playing in Shacharit Live (morning services accompanied by a live band)!  I also play in my school’s marching, concert, and jazz bands.  I’m also a big sci-fi fan, especially when it comes to Star Wars, original Star Trek, and Doctor Who.  And last, but not least, I spent two of the best summers of my life with USY on USY on Wheels “Classic” in 2015, and USY Israel Pilgrimage, L’Takayn Olam in 2016.

This year, it is my goal to generate more ways for USYers to create meaningful connections with each other and to help them share individual perspectives on how USY affects them.  I hope to create more opportunities to be a leader, express your passions, and to make lasting friendships. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about absolutely anything!

See you soon,

Zachary MonteLeon

USY 2017 Communications Vice President

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