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Meet your 2018 USY International Board!

Dear USY,

My name is Zachary Zabib, and I am absolutely thrilled to be your 2018 International President and together, engage, empower, and inspire countless USYers.

I am a proud member of the mighty METNY region, and a member of the H2i chapter of the Sababa division. Now a senior, my USY journey began at METNY Encampment 2012 when I was in 7th grade. I had a fantastic time, but it wasn’t until #MyUSYMoment at my 8th Grade regional convention that I was actually hooked.

I stood in a room of about 30 members of the class of 2018 during Havdalah. We all got to say something with our candles and I remember that when it was my turn, I had 30 sets of eyes and ears waiting intently to hear what I had to say—that was when I knew I had found my family in USY.

As your president, it is my goal to make sure that moments like this are available and accessible not only to all current USYers, but to all Conservative Jewish teenagers. Everyone deserves to experience their ‘USY Moment,’ and together I know we can exceed our potential.

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to serve you and I know we will lay a foundation together for the future of USY.

B’Ahava (With love),

Zachary Zabib

International President 2018

Shalom USY,

My Name is Aaron Schwartz, and I am so ecstatic to serve as your 2018 Israel Affairs Vice President.

I am New York born and bred, part of the METNY region. Although METNY is my home, Ruach (Long Island division) is my family. On a Sunday afternoons, you can find me lounging and watching my favorite TV show The Office.

This year, I want to enhance everybody’s connections to Israel by enabling each person to have his or her own ‘Israel moment.’ These moments remind everyone of us why we love Israel, and why we want to educate others.

We need to change the way we view Israel by learning about everything that Israel has to offer. Furthermore, we must learn how to listen. Each person has their views and we should learn how to listen to each other in order to facilitate respectful conversations where everyone can share their opinions.

I will create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe to share his or her views and has the opportunity to speak their mind. I can’t wait to hear about your ‘Israel moment,’ and hopefully, make some new friends along the way.

Thanks- תודה,

Aaron Schwartz- שווארץ אהרון

Israel Affairs Vice President 2018

Hello USY,

My name is Sawyer Goldsmith and I am absolutely thrilled and proud to serve as your 2018 International Religion Education Vice President!

I am a junior from the mighty CHUSY region, from BEANS USY (North Suburban Synagogue Beth El). If you happen to find me, and I’m not doing work for USY or school, I will most likely be working on some other project either for Keshet, or another organization I am passionate about.

I love advocating for human rights, art, and music. But I’m also fascinated by all things Jewish. Judaism for me is constantly changing, as is my view of the world. As the world changes, so do we, and we have to adapt.

This year, I envision us adapting in ways that fit us best. I know that each person is an individual, and each individual is different from another, therefore; we must adapt in ways that fit each individual personally. I hope to instill this in to USY and each of you.

I hope that we find passion in Judaism and in the ways that you create for ourselves. Join me and Jewish teens from around the world in developing our Jewish connections. We can find our own true essence of Judaism. I believe in us. Never stop believing.

With Pride -בגאווה,

Sawyer Goldsmith

International Religion/Education Vice President 2018

Hey USY,

I am Emily Rosenberg and I cannot wait for an absolutely incredible year together while we learn about and take action for some really incredible causes. I truly believe social action and tikun olam are the coolest parts of USY, but maybe I am a little biased.

You can find me collecting coffee table books, doing crosswords, or dreaming about moving to a farm in Israel. If you ever want to talk about the best recipe to make your own deodorant/toothpaste or have a very clever pun, please reach out!

I have been involved with USY since 8th grade when I fell in love with the passion and excitement in the mighty Metropolitan New York Region, METNY. That feeling only deepened as I joined Wheels East 2014 and Israel Pilgrimage/Poland Seminar G3 2017!

USY has shaped who I am and has led me to meet my forever friends. I also may have cried at a few slow ruach sessions and social action days, but who hasn’t?

This year, we will collaborate to educate each other on ways to make the world a better place; we will learn how to make our actions louder than our words. We will work tirelessly to ensure that our Tikun Olam money goes towards organizations that positively impact our local and global communities.

Much love – B’Ahava,

Emily Rosenberg

USY International Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President 2018

Oh hi, didn’t see you there!

My name is Ilan Cohen and I am honored to serve as your 2018 International Membership/Kadima Vice President.

I hail from the mighty mighty Seaboard region, from the greatest chapter in USY, Habirah DC at Adas Israel Congregation and am currently a junior. Outside of USY, you can find me playing guitar, reading Haaretz, or engaging in civil discourse whilst eating kale.

I joined USY at the end of 8th grade and was inspired by the power of the relationships, moments, and opportunities it provided. One of the most incredible aspects of USY is that we are a teen-led movement, by teens for teens, trying to change lives, one teen at a time. The interpersonal relationships we form empower us to engage others. They motivate teens to find their values, their causes, and to apply that passion to their lives. That is the power of USY.

There is a saying in Tehillim (the book of Psalms), Olam Chesed Yibaneh (we will build this world with love). This year I cannot single-handedly build our movement, so I need your help. Together we can, and together we will reimagine our relationships, reimagine our USY, and add a bit more love to everything we do.

Your friendly neighborhood Mem/Kad,

Ilan Spencer Cohen

International Membership/Kadima Vice President 2018

Shalom y’all!

My name is Bayle Rebeca Block Goldman and I am honored, thrilled, and humbled to be serving as your 2018 Communications Vice President.

I hail from Houston, Texas in USY’s coolest region, SWUSY. I love eating cheese pizza, binge-watching Law and Order: SVU, sing-a-longs, and photography. In addition to USY, my high school years involved theatre, choir, dance, Student Council, improv, BBYO, and serving as the editor for my school’s online newspaper. In college, I hope to study acting with a minor in journalism.

I fell in love with USY at my first Kadima convention in sixth grade. Like many other people, USY has changed my life for the better. Attending conventions and Wheels (shout out to Bus A 2017!), as well as holding chapter, regional, and international leadership positions have shaped me into the proud Jew I am.

USY brought me out of my shell and made me feel valued. Now, I strive to help others find the same connection.

This year, we are going to redefine how USYers stay connected. Through social media, we will strengthen bonds between USYers across the continent and show the world the amazing things we’re doing.


I look forward to working with each and every one of you this year to make that happen!


Bayle Goldman

International Communications Vice President 2018

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