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We are committed to fostering a deep engagement with and love for Israel in Jewish teens.

Through year-round educational programming, immersive summer trips, and partnerships with other organizations, we introduce teens to different narratives and opinions to help express and strengthen your Jewish identity, ask questions, and form strong connections to the Jewish State.

To oversee these efforts, your chapters, regions, and the international organization have Israel Affairs Vice Presidents (IA VPs). 

For more Israel info:

Click here for Israel resources

USY has a wide-range of Israel-related educational resources to your chapter or regional programming

Join Chalutzim

USY’s Israel advocacy club, Chalutzim (pioneers) connects you with other teens who are passionate about Israel

Join Hahadashot on Facebook

Curated and run by USYers, this online community gives you up-to-the-minutes articles, videos, and opinions about what’s happening in Israel

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