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Below find educational resources on all several of Jewish practice and prayer, useful for both personal learning and teaching others.

Rel/Ed Folder

In this public Google folder you’ll find:

Tefillah (prayer) scripts and outlines for all services

Tefillah assignment sheet

A creative Shacharit (morning services) template

A guide for teaching tefillot

Can’t find the Religion/Education materials you are looking for on our site?

If you still have Judaism questions, you can always contact your local rabbi or chapter/divisional/regional Religion/Education Vice President.

Additionally, below is a list of helpful sites and apps with general Jewish knowledge, inspiration, D’var Torahs, and more.

Pocket Torah

Helpful for learning Torah or Haftarah, this easy to use app provides a virtual tikkun (a study guide used when preparing to chant the Torah reading) as well as audio assistance. Available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Pocket Trope

This provides an easy to use interface to learn individual tropes for Torah, Haftorah, Eicha, Esther, the other 3 Megillot, and the High Holidays. Available on the Apple and Google Play stores.


This Jewish calendar includes candle lighting times, triennial reading breakdowns, and much more.

Luach Hashanah

When people speak of a Luach, this is what they are referring to. Created by Rabbi Miles B. Cohen, this booklet includes Torah breakdowns, service additions, and other helpful information. Helpful for Religion/Education Vice Presidents planning a convention and costs $20 to purchase.


An online database of translated Jewish texts from the Torah, Tanakh, Mishnah, Talmud, and more. This is the perfect tool for creating sichah (study group or lesson) materials like source sheets and/or studying Jewish texts and commentaries in English.

My Jewish Learning

This robust resources has articles and information about almost every Jewish topic you could possibly imagine.


Find a wide range of information on this website including the weekly parsha, holidays, Talmudic lessons, Jewish articles, video lessons, and more.

Zemirot Database

This is exactly what it sounds like–a database of zemirot (Jewish songs). You can find lyrics, translations, transliterations, and recordings of all your favorite Ruach and Slow Ruach (aka Slouach) songs.

JTS Torah Online

This resource, developed by the Jewish Theological Seminary or JTS, contains online recordings of many prayer services for learning and teaching purposes.

Siddur Audio

Listen to audio clips to help you learn entire services and individual prayers.

Maven Search & AskMoses

These Jewish Search Engines are reliable and useful; plus on Askmoses you can speak to a real rabbi 24/6.


Previously known as G-dcast, this website has educational videos about Torah portions, holidays, and more.

Midrash Manicures

This website combines Jewish education and creative nail art to make Torah more relevant, meaningful, and visual. Use it to learn all about Torah portions, holidays, and more.

Leviticus! The iPhone Game

This one is just for fun, but it’s basically Fruit Ninja. However; instead of fruit, you sacrifice only kosher, healthy animals. Besides becoming totally addicted to it, the game helps you learn some of the Torah’s holiness laws.

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