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You may also search the USY program bank for games and holiday related material for Kadima. 

Tips for Programming for Kadima:

Kadima programs are not “dumbed down” USY events. Kadimaniks have specific social and developmental needs and characteristics. Some tips for programming for this very unique age group include:

  • Keep the program active and high energy. They have a lot of steam to burn!
  • They have short attention spans. Activities should be fun and quick
  • They may have issues socializing, especially between genders. Mix the groups and watch to make sure those who are struggling to fit in, are included in the activity
  • Use television, movies and music refernces in your programs
  • Make sure to address each Kadimanik by name. Learn facts about each person so that they know you care about them. You are a role model. They will come back if they know that you care about them.
  • Anything messy and active works well. Food is one of the best programming tools
  • 8th grade – programming can be a leadership training opportunity. Involve 8th graders in programming.
  • Program with the Hebrew school
  • Consider programming with other chapters as a geographic “cluster.” This will make your programs more excited and Kadimaniks will be excited to meet other kids.



Kadima Recruitment and Retention

Please also skim through previous issues of Hakesher: The Advisor Newsletter for more ideas on recruitment and retention.

Kadima Recruitment and Retention


Don’t forget to check out the Creative Tefillah page for excellent options for Kadima

Social Action

Do you know that Kadima has its own Tzedakah program called Yad B’yad? Learn more.

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