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Group 5: Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage (1st Departure)


Hello! Today we began our last Shabbat in Israel by going on a shopping spree! We kicked our day off with a final goodbye to the kotel, having shacharit and plenty of free time.  We spent time having meaningful discussions about what it means to be Jewish and...

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Shalom from group 5! This morning we started our day at Yad Vashem, one of the most famous holocaust museums in the world. It was fascinating to see pictures and exhibits displaying places we walked through just weeks ago. We learned a  lot of  new information but...

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Shalom! We started our day at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, where David Ben Gurion declared Israel's statehood in 1948! It was interesting to see the exact spot where the country we've been touring for the past 3 weeks was born. After, we had free time...

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  Shalom! Here are some highlights from today! We had a long drive from Kibbutz Degania to the center of Hertzaliya, a city named after the father of Zionism and, today, is functioning as the high tech capital of Israel. We heard a lecture about Israel being called...

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Boker tov! It was hard to stay tired this morning with our first stop! We headed out on a short water hike and splashed our way through a beautiful forest. The water was brisk but we left laughing, smiling, and very awake. On our way to lunch...

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Shalom from group 5! After a long weekend sleeping outdoors at Camp Noam, we left to start our day with a refreshing water hike in the Upper Galilee,filled with lush trees and plants; it was a great way to rinse off our dusty feet. Then we...

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Dear Parents, Shalom from the north! We started our day with a relaxing yoga service, connecting with each other and nature. It was good that we had a restful morning because we took part in one of the biggest hikes of the trip later on! We...

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Shalom all! We started our morning teaching each other different tefilah services. We divided ourselves into 5 small groups, each led by one of our amazing Chanichim. After, we drove to the city of Acre, a UNESCO world heritage cite.  Here we visited the underground...

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We began our journey to the north today driving to Haifa! After a brief pit stop in the Shoresh outlet store, we had lunch in a Druze village. The Druze are a small community living in Israel, especially in the north, known for their hospitality...

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Boker Or from G5! We were very excited today to meet up with the famous Danny Siegel and learn about all the work he's done over the years. Today we visited INTRA, a horse therapy ranch for disabled people and soldiers with PTSD. We helped...

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