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Group 2: L’Takayn Olam


Our morning began bright and early, at 4am, with a full mid month moon.  We got organized and ready to watch the sun rise from the top of Masada. We hiked up, wrapped our tafilot and teffilin, opened our sidurim, and watched the sun come up from the east...

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"New Jerusalem" was the theme of our day. We started our day with a beautiful outlook at the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking east and west Jerusalem with the old city in between.  Here we learned about Jerusalem from 1948 to post 1967.  After the promenade we went to...

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We started our day continuing our agricultural work on the bottom of the Sataf.  We are building terraces from the surrounding rocks, and by doing so, continuing the work that our ancestors who lived here two thousand years ago started.  This makes it possible to...

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This morning we regrouped after free weekend and drove to the beautiful Masu'a lookout with a view, when, facing the east to the hills of Jerusalem and when facing the west the Mediterranean sea. We then hiked and went spelunking in tunnels from the time of the Bar...

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Group 2 showing their teamwork and spirit at HaEvent....

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This morning we met the Manda students and visited the village's museum of history and legacy. At the end of the tour, we picked fresh dates and pears. We then concluded our time with our new friends and had a hard time parting and saying...

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This morning we went butternut squash picking in the open field, and we filled fifteen crates in just under two hours. There are now six tons of butternut squash that will be sent to families in need. Straight from the field, we went to an organization that packs...

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Our day began volunteering at an adaptive work place for adults with special needs. We joined them at their working stations and engaged with them in conversation. We ended with a spirited dance party, and we left the people at the work placement with lifted...

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Today we left Haifa and headed for Hannaton where we are going to be staying till Wednesday. On our way we stopped for lunch in Daliat El-Carmel, a Druze town, where we had a delicious lunch, strong black coffee, and learned about the Druze religion...

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This morning we went to the Student Beach in Haifa with hats, water, and big garbage bags. Once there, we cleaned the beach. After, we were rewarded with two hours of beach time, and enjoyed the waves, played Frisbee, and ate ice cream popsicles to...

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