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Group 1: Israel Adventure


Today we awoke to a beautiful sunrise as we welcomed in a new day in the desert. After eating breakfast, making lunches, and davening in the wilderness, we headed out on our final hike of the summer. We were thrilled by the beautiful views and...

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Today we began our journey from Eilat to the Negev. On our way we stopped at Yotvata, an amazing oasis and chocolate haven. We then headed to Ben Gurions hut, where we learned about his vision for the region and his incredible leadership. Next, we...

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Today we had Eilat of fun! We began our morning at the underwater observatory and aquarium where we learned about the different animals that live in the Red Sea. After that, we had the great opportunity to get to know these creatures even better as...

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After waking up from a great night in the Bedouin tent, we set out for a sunrise hike of Masada. Once at Masada we davened Schahrit and learned about the history of the Masada siege, and the brave actions which occurred there. After breakfast, we made...

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Today was a day filled with emotions for Group 1. We started our day at Yad Vashem, the national memorial and museum dedicated to the Holocaust. There we learned of the atrocities that the Jews endured during World War II. After a solemn and educational morning,...

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Today we learned about Jerusalem as it currently stands. By traveling to a great lookout point of the city, and learning about the story of Ammunition Hill, we learned how important the city is to our understanding of Israel. We then visited Har Herzl and learned...

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Today was a very special day for us. We spent the day with Danny Seigel, who led us in a day of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world. We traveled to Sderot where we learned about the city's unique situation as a border city of...

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Our second day in Tel Aviv began in Old Jaffe where we learned about the history of the city. We then headed to Wework where we learned about Israel as a start up nation and the way that Israelis are innovating and creating. Later we...

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Today we were sad to leave Kibbutz Degania, our home away from home for the last week. However as we made our way to Tel Aviv to begin an educational and fun day, we quickly became excited for our next adventure. Our first day in...

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Today we toured the beautiful and mystic city of Tzfat. After touring interesting synagogues we made our way to the Candle Factory and many art galleries to better understand the rich culture the city provides. We began our Shabbat preparations, and we are now looking forward...

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