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#ICBmore15 Daily Update | December 30

The morning began with creative services, where USYers chose from an array of unique approaches to prayer including yoga, improv, Broadway Shaharit, and more. Each minyan incorporated a different, hands-on approach, making the services more relevant and exciting for our teens. The day’s big event was...

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#ICBmore15 Daily Update | December 29

Today the teens took all the lessons they have been learning and put them in action to help the local Baltimore community and beyond. The day began with a return to limmuds, followed by a teen-led advocacy boot camp. Designed and conceived by the USY...

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#ICBmore15 Daily Update | December 28

Today kicks off the convention’s learning tracks, picked by the teens according to which issues they want to “Think More and Do More” about. The chosen topics of study include combatting anti-Semitism, LGBTQ and gender issues and inclusion, environmentalism, mental health awareness, race and poverty,...

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Reledificiation: Tevet Edition

The international general board’s Religious/Education newsletter, Reledification has all the latest tidbits about what’s going on in recent parshas, insights in to the Jewish world, and Rel/Ed news. Enjoy the Tevet edition! ...

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