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NOAM Olami: Onward and Upward

A USY alumna on her summer experience with NOAM Olami and Onward Israel By Jasmine Hubara On a particularly hot, sunny day in June, I entered an apartment just past the shuk  (open-air market). This is where I was going to call home for the next month...

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Sophie’s take: “Classic” USY on Wheels

“Please talk about your favorite after-school activity in 250-300 words.” WHAT??? When reading over this supplemental college essay prompt, I was struck with a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. After months of stressing and planning my applications are submitted and I’m finally rereading everything I wrote....

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Tips on Leadership

By Joshua Bienstock Last week I wrote a post about how to be a positive role model. Setting a positive example is important as a board member, but there's more you can do to be a good leader. Validate everyone. Watch this video! It sheds light...

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D’var Torah: Lech Lecha (Genesis 12:1–17:27)

Lech Lecha Torah portion

By Aviya Cammy  This week’s parasha, parashat Lech Lecha, is the beginning of Avraham’s journey as the father of “a multitude of nations”-- starting early on before his name was even Avraham! Despite the many famous and important scenes throughout the parasha, the first pasuk (verse or...

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