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We are a membership based organization, where membership begins on the chapter level.

Chapters are responsible for:

  • Collecting membership information
  • Funds for teens to attend chapter/local events (when applicable)

As an advisor, you are responsible for entering this information, along with dues payments to the region and International USY/Kadima, into the online International USY/Kadima Membership System.

Click here to access our online membership system. 

In order for teens to participate in regional and International programming you must submit the appropriate information and payment to International USY/Kadima.

Failure to do so may hinder your member’s eligibility to:

  • Attend events
  • Receive scholarship from regional and International USY
  • Hold a regional or international leadership position
  • Vote in any regional or international election

Questions? E-mail or see below for more information.

Have Questions About the Membership System?

Click here for the Membership System Users Manual

Click here for a membership list template

Click here for a recording of the membership system training

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